Habit Tracking App With Friends

If you want to accomplish something it can be really helpful to have somebody help you out. Accountability is crucial if you want to make real change in your life. If you have a friend or relative who can help you that is great! It can also help to have an app to track your progress as you go and make your challenge a little more like a game than hard work!

Habit tracking apps help you to track one or many goals/habits that you have and track them on a daily basis. Often they have the idea of streaks built in where if you do something consistently then you will earn a streak and it can be motivating to keep that streak going as long as you can!

One such example of a habit tracking app is Stryv, it allows you to start a small group of friends and track your personal goals together. Giving each other advice and encouragement as you continue to push towards your goals. Get your group of friends together to try it out and let us know what you think.

Habit tracking app with friends