New Pay By SMS Mobile Payment App

In times like these no-contact and mobile payments are becoming more important that ever. Practically every restaurant is now taking orders online or over the phone in order to facilitate food delivery and pickups. Many businesses have resorted to asking for credit card numbers over the phone and manually typing them into their payment systems. Customers are often wary of this and are becoming less willing to give out their credit card number in such an insecure way.

One new mobile payment solution that allows for customers to pay by SMS is QuickPay. It is a really fast way to send a text invoice or email invoice and have your customer pay for it immediately on their mobile devices. All you do is enter their phone number and an amount. It sends the text for you and gives you real-time updates about what the customer is doing as they complete the payment.

If you need a simple invoice app, or a way to take mobile payments for restaurants I would highly recommend that you check this out.