An Email First Employee Training LMS

If you have had to slog through corporate training before you know that it can be a boring process. Getting logged into the learning management system, finding the correct training, and getting through it can be a pain for any employee. Setting up the training isn’t so easy either, those outdated LMS’s can be horrible to use.

The idea behind Groundwork1 is to make corporate training as easy as reading a newsletter. It removes a lot of the annoying frustrations for employees, and replaces them with simple tasks that are delivered in one email, or a series of emails. Each email can contain a variety of different tasks to complete including watching videos, downloading files, and marking items as completed. Even when the user does have to visit a website, there is never any need to log in!

E-learning is a big topic as a number of companies are having to figure out how to manage human resources training while employees are still remote and staff training needs to happen in remote environments. This tool could also work well in a non-profit environment where you have train a lot of volunteers or you just have a lot of turnover with volunteers on a regular basis. It makes sending out and automatically following up on the training really easy.

It feels like all HR and employee trainers should know about this app. It looks easy to get started by creating a simple series of emails and enrolling your employees into each training module that they need to complete.