Help Out

We believe that this website should be a resource and a community for designers and web enthusiasts who enjoy testing and using CMS’s. That said, its a big job to update and maintain a site like this.

Short term help

We need people to add to the community of the site by posting your reviews to the CMS List, submitting your website(s) to the design gallery, and generally being active in the conversations that are happening.

We also need suggestions on how to improve the site, what could be added and how could it be better? Feel free to submit your ideas and comments via email.

Long term help

We’re also looking for individuals who might be willing to help with staying up to date on all of the latest CMS happenings, and then posting news on the website for the benefit of all. All you need is an RSS reader and a slight understanding of some of the CMS’s out there.

Finally, we’re looking for those of you who are great at communicating ideas, and might be interested in writing some articles for our web page. They don’t need to be anything fancy, and not all of them are going to be technical, a lot of them are more about the idea of managing content via programs and the upsides and downfalls of them. If you have an idea, please email us!

Current Staff:

Jesse Sutherland

Jesse Sutherland
Site Creator/Administrator
Jesse is a freelance web designer, ux designer, and web developer in the Minneapolis area. He works with several content management systems. In his own time he has developed his own site and several client websites using varying CMS’s. He enjoys the challenge of figuring out how they work, and loves when you get that “lightbulb” moment when everything works as expected.