While we’d like to expand out resources page to contain all sorts of other things. Currently its just a bunch of links for you guys to check out. Let us know if you have a link you think would be relevant here.

CMS Resources

  • CMS Critic This guy does a good job of reviewing CMS’s that he’s worked with.
  • CMS Guide A newer site that’s cropped up offering a guide to the many CMS offerings out there.
  • CMS Matrix A really in-depth comparison of a ton of CMS’s. We’ve never heard of half of the CMSs on this site.
  • CMS Report A good site with news and links about CMS’s
  • CMS Review An older site, but with some decent information.
  • CMS Wire A good site for news related to Content Management Systems.
  • Simple Estimate An estimating tool I like that makes creating estimates really quickly and easily.
  • Web Host Recommendations

  • We currently use these guys to host our website. Good service and support.
  • Dreamhost These guys have one-click installers for few of the popular CMS’s
  • WP Engine One of the fastest and most secure WordPress hosts out there right now. Our favorites.