Articles about Content Management

Let's face it, learning CMSs can be frustrating. You know what they're supposed to do, and you know how they're supposed to work. But its never that easy. Through the articles on this site we're hoping to write about things that are helpful to both beginners and advanced users. If you're interested in submitting articles, please contact us.

New Pay By SMS Mobile Payment App

In times like these no-contact and mobile payments are becoming more important that ever. Practically every restaurant is now taking orders online or over the phone in order to facilitate food delivery and pickups. Many businesses have resorted to asking for credit card numbers over the phone and manually typing them into their payment systems. […] Read the Article.

HTML Email Signature Generators

Making an email signature can be tricky. It doesn’t help that every email client out there treats HTML in a different way, so making something that is both functional and pretty can end up to be really hard. You can code it yourself by hand, but then you’d have to deal with testing it across […] Read the Article.

New WordPress Maintenance Reports Plugin

If you offer WordPress hosting and maintenance to your clients, you should check out a new plugin called WP Client Reports. The idea of the plugin is to enable to you offer your clients an emailed report with statistics about the updates or maintenance that you have performed on the site over the last month. […] Read the Article.

New CMS’s Worth Checking Out

There are so many CMS’s out there these days its hard to keep track of them all. And while a lot of people have their favorite stand-bys, we all know that most everyone is always keeping an eye out there for the next best thing. These are some of the newest CMS’s we’ve spotted trying […] Read the Article.

How to Choose a CMS

Choosing a CMS for a client can be a little intimidating, especially when its one of the first questions you need to ask in an already complex process. We won't recommend specific ones here, but we'll give you a lot of great questions to ask yourself and your client to get you pointed in the right direction. Read the Article.