Free Online Version of Quiplash Party Game

If you have ever played a party game like Jackbox, then you have probably played Quiplash. It’s one of those games where you play it as a group, and each player answers questions in a funny way, trying to get laughs and votes from other players on their answer.

Votes Out is a free version that is similar to Quiplash

Recently I discovered a free online version called Votes Out. It doesn’t have all of the voiceovers and animation that the paid game has, but as a group those things are usually just annoying anyway. It works really well with just phones, so it doesn’t require all of the TV set up that Quiplash usually requires.

The game has great questions that get our group laughing super hard. As with most games like this, your experience depends on the group that you play it with. The game works well with 3-12 players and only takes like 15 minutes. Give it a play with a few friends!

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has questions like Quiplash