How to Choose a CMS

One of the first questions when beginning a web project should be “how are we going to manage this content after we create it?” and oftentimes it is wise to use a Content Management System, that way non-technical users can create and manipulate the content later on without a web designer being involved.

Because it is one of the first decisions that need to be made, it can be rushed and little or no research is put into selecting the right Content Management System. Organizations go for the fast, safe option without really considering the other options. Then they must live with that system for years down the road even though it may not be flexible for further growth, or may annoy everyone involved with using it.

Unfortunately choosing the best CMS to suit your own, your client, or your company’s needs is never an easy question because every website is different and will have different types of people using it. We here at the CMS Design Resource do not believe that there is one “correct” option that everyone should use. Instead we realize that each one has different strengths and weaknesses that will work for different organizations.

This article series was written to be the start of a guide of how to choose a CMS system. We won’t actually be recommending any specific ones, but rather asking a lot of questions that you need to think about as you begin your process.

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