New Kids on the Block

No, this isn’t about the terrible musical group. It’s just a round-up post of a few of the newer CMS’s we’ve run into lately. We’ll get them added to the site when we can. We’ve got some catching up to do!

  • PageLime is a flat-file hosted CMS for designers. It allows you to define some templates, then allow users to create new ones and edit certain areas of them.
  • Perch is a really little CMS that is dead-easy to use. All you do is upload your HTML file, delete the content in one area, paste in a tag, and then BAM, its editable. It’s pretty expensive for what you get though.
  • Bildy is a nice breath of fresh air in CMS-land. It allows you to create sections with as many of any kind of field you want to have. While currently in beta testing, you can sign up for an account. A strange combination of hosted software that still requires you to have a server and a database set up.