Open Source Awards 2010

Packt has announced their yearly Open Source Awards, awarding CMS Made Simple the winner of Open Source CMS, with Silverstripe and MODx trailing close behind. That said, they separated WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla into another category called “Hall of Fame CMS” which means they won all of the other years. As a result of a tie between Drupal and WordPress, an extra independent judge was brought in for a decisive vote.┬áHere are the results.

Open Source CMS
Winner: CMS Made Simple
1st Runner up: SilverStripe
2nd Runner up: MODx

Hall of Fame CMS
Winner: WordPress
1st Runner up: Drupal
2nd Runner up: Joomla!

Most Promising Open Source Project
Winner: Pimcore
1st Runner up: TomatoCMS
2nd Runner up: BuddyPress