Zenphoto is a community-developed application made to be a simple photo gallery without getting too feature bloated. “Simpler is better” is their credo. However, it is flexible enough to work for almost anyone’s gallery site.

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Username: admin

Password: demo

This demo provided by OpenSourceCMS.

Current Version: 1.2.4
Cost: Free
Development: Community Driven
Specialization: Photo Gallery
Hosting: Own Server
Source: Open Source
License: GNU GPL
Language: PHP
Database: MySQL

Our Experience:

Zenphoto has a simple backend interface that helps you organize your pictures online in a hurry. You can upload through the web interface, or just get them all done at one time using FTP. It then resizes and caches your photos for you. (You can recrop thumbnails too!) As far as organization, you can have galleries in galleries, you can tag photos, password protect, etc… Your visitors can leave comments, ratings, or view slideshows.

It is made to be a simple online photo gallery and it does it well. The upload size limit is still set by your server and not the program, so you often have to use FTP instead of the web interface.

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Helpful Links:

  • Zenphoto.org Learn about Zenphoto, download themes and extensions, or get support.
  • Demo Gallery Just a plain old demo gallery for you to interact with
  • Trisweb A blog by one of the main developers for Zenphoto
  • Suggest a Link

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Review by Stuart July 27th, 2009 6:56 am

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Strengths: Easy to do a quick setup of personal photos.

Weaknesses: ZenPhoto is not worth using for serious commercial galleries, where you want folks to purchase images.

The support and documentation is very thin on ZenPhoto.

Issue 1: I’ve had problems with some themes not working correctly. I’ve submitted these issues, but have not had feedback for several days.

Issue 2: There’s an add-on called ZenPayPal or eZenPhoto (?). The presence of 2 versions on the ZenPhoto web site is confusing. The installation instructions are useless. Some users say they got it to work, but no one seems to mention just how they got it to work.

When it’s free, you get what you pay for.